@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 05:06:03 (#335339)

t.me/rybar/60935 ↩ Рыбарь [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] ❗️🌍🎞 Worsening of the situation in the Middle East: events of the week of June 7 - June 14, 2024 ▪️Fighters of the Yemeni...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 05:05:44 (#335338)

t.me/rusich_army/15179 ↩ АРХАНГЕЛ СПЕЦНАЗА Z🇷🇺

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 05:05:11 (#335337)

t.me/RtrDonetsk/25144 ↩ Репортёр Руденко V [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Over the past 24 hours, military investigators from the Russian Investigative Committee have recorded crimes of the Kyiv regime against the...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 05:04:31 (#335336)

t.me/wagner_group_pmc/58025 ↩ WAGNER Z GROUP/Z PMC WAGNER'Z

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 05:04:31 (#335335)

t.me/wagner_group_pmc/58024 ↩ WAGNER Z GROUP/Z PMC WAGNER'Z [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] 🎼🎻 Selection.. ♠️ @wagner_group_pmc 💀

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 05:04:29 (#335334)

t.me/izvestia/175118 ↩ IZ.RU [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] 🤓✍️🤓🤓Europe allows the US to act for itself because it lacks a sovereign policy. However, the United States does not take into account...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 04:49:56 (#335333)

t.me/RVvoenkor/70307 ↩ Операция Z: Военкоры Русской Весны [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] 🇷🇺⚔️🇺🇦Offensive towards Kharkov: Group “North” storms Volchansk and destroys the enemy ▪️Fierce fighting in Volchansk: “Severyan” assault groups captured another...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 04:49:32 (#335332)

t.me/SergeyKolyasnikov/60409 ↩ ZERGULIO🇷🇺 [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] ⚡️Air defense forces intercepted and destroyed 70 Ukronazi drones over the territory of the Rostov region overnight. In addition, 17 drones were intercepted...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 04:49:30 (#335331)

t.me/wagner_group_pmc/58023 ↩ WAGNER Z GROUP/Z PMC WAGNER'Z [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] 🎼🎻The Voronezh organization "ARKONA" donated another humanitarian aid to soldiers of the Russian Armed Forces. Donetsk direction. ♠️@wagner_group_pmc 💀

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 04:49:27 (#335330)

t.me/DDGeopolitics/113288 ↩ DD Geopolitics [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] NBA or NFL? - watch until the end. 🔴 @DDGeopolitics

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 04:48:09 (#335329)

t.me/SIL0VIKI/89113 ↩ СИЛОВИКИ 🇷🇺 [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] 🔥 “Drone pilots” of the Airborne Forces burned down the command post of the Armed Forces of Ukraine on the right bank...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 04:35:44 (#335328)

t.me/chvkmedia/99059 ↩ ЧВК Медиа [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] ❗️ In the Voronezh region, an attempt was made to attack an oil depot with Ukrainian drones from an ultra-low altitude. Six UAVs...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 04:34:53 (#335327)

t.me/opersvodki/21268 ↩ Оперативные сводки [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] ❗️ In the Voronezh region, an attempt was made to attack an oil depot with Ukrainian drones from an ultra-low altitude. Six UAVs...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 04:34:33 (#335326)

t.me/boris_rozhin/126831 ↩ Colonelcassad [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Pacific Fleet guardsmen from the 40th Marine Brigade are working Based on a tip from scouts, our Marines practiced the equipment of the Armed...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 04:34:26 (#335325)

t.me/DDGeopolitics/113287 ↩ DD Geopolitics [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] 🇷🇺Good morning from Russian Crimea. 🔴 @DDGeopolitics

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 04:33:09 (#335324)

t.me/SIL0VIKI/89112 ↩ СИЛОВИКИ 🇷🇺 [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] ❗️ In the Voronezh region, an attempt was made to attack an oil depot with Ukrainian drones from an ultra-low altitude. Six UAVs...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 04:20:40 (#335323)

t.me/madam_secretar/38034 ↩ Мадам Секретарь [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Be afraid of your wishes, they tend to come true. Good morning. @madam_secretar

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 04:04:27 (#335322)

t.me/izvestia/175114 ↩ IZ.RU [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] In foreign dietary supplements that are sold online, laboratory tests have revealed dangerous bacteria and molds. A number of dietary supplements for weight loss...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 03:46:03 (#335321)

t.me/Lunay14/17853 ↩ Лыня🇷🇺 [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] The Berezhok complex (yes, yes, the same one with the BMP-2) successfully destroys unmanned boats with the help of its missiles. This was...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 03:34:54 (#335320)

t.me/RVvoenkor/70304 ↩ Операция Z: Военкоры Русской Весны [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] ‼️🏴‍☠🇷🇺The landing force burned the enemy command post and equipment on the right bank of the Dnieper ▪️Aerial reconnaissance in...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 03:34:33 (#335319)

t.me/boris_rozhin/126830 ↩ Colonelcassad [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] “I felt like I was part of that structure, that “flow” that seemed to go through time through Red Square.” Private Mikhail Dmitriev is...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 03:34:27 (#335318)

t.me/izvestia/175113 ↩ IZ.RU [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Military personnel of the Russian Armed Forces destroyed expensive Ukrainian UAVs in the South Donetsk direction. The crew of the Tor anti-aircraft missile system...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 03:34:22 (#335317)

t.me/rian_ru/249296 ↩ РИА Новости [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] The underground agent's data helped the Russian military detect and destroy a group of Ukrainian Armed Forces and a German PZH 2000...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 03:26:47 (#335316)

t.me/bditelnost/38893 ↩ Бдительность - Z

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 03:26:47 (#335315)

t.me/bditelnost/38892 ↩ Бдительность - Z

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 03:26:47 (#335314)

t.me/bditelnost/38891 ↩ Бдительность - Z [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] ❗🇷🇺🇺🇦 As of 04.34 Moscow time, the air defense system over the Kursk region shot down five Ukrainian aircraft-type UAVs. This...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 03:08:15 (#335313)

t.me/bditelnost/38888 ↩ Бдительность - Z

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 03:08:14 (#335312)

t.me/bditelnost/38887 ↩ Бдительность - Z [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] ❗🇷🇺🇺🇦 In the Rostov region, the air defense system repelled a massive attack by Ukrainian UAVs. “The air defense forces successfully...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 03:05:47 (#335311)

t.me/milinfolive/124002 ↩ Военный Осведомитель

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 03:05:46 (#335310)

t.me/milinfolive/124001 ↩ Военный Осведомитель [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] At night, drones attacked an oil refinery in the Liskinsky district of the Voronezh region. According to preliminary data, the fuel tanks...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 03:04:28 (#335309)

t.me/wagner_group_pmc/58021 ↩ WAGNER Z GROUP/Z PMC WAGNER'Z [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] 🎼🎻 Good and Cheerful 🤙🏻Jamba Brothers 🤙🏻🤝 Positive for the whole day! Have a nice hunt 💀✊🏻High Victories!...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 02:35:46 (#335308)

t.me/milinfolive/124000 ↩ Военный Осведомитель [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Destruction of enemy air defense forces in the Kherson region by FPV drones. Military Informant

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 02:34:02 (#335307)

t.me/voenacher/67323 ↩ Повёрнутые на Z войне 🇷🇺

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 02:34:02 (#335306)

t.me/voenacher/67322 ↩ Повёрнутые на Z войне 🇷🇺 [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Strategic aviation launched cruise missile attacks on Starokonstantinov in the Khmelnitsky region. They also used Geranium drones. The video...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 02:04:54 (#335305)

t.me/RVvoenkor/70301 ↩ Операция Z: Военкоры Русской Весны

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 02:04:54 (#335304)

t.me/RVvoenkor/70302 ↩ Операция Z: Военкоры Русской Весны [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] ‼️🇷🇺Massive enemy attack: explosions in Rostov, Voronezh and Kursk regions ▪️Air defense forces repelled a massive UAV attack in...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 02:04:54 (#335303)

t.me/RVvoenkor/70300 ↩ Операция Z: Военкоры Русской Весны

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 02:04:54 (#335302)

t.me/RVvoenkor/70299 ↩ Операция Z: Военкоры Русской Весны

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 02:04:28 (#335301)

t.me/PmcWagnerZ/14657 ↩ Europe union killed over 15.000 children [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] it can reach the White House in less than 60 seconds 😏

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 02:04:25 (#335300)

t.me/izvestia/175110 ↩ IZ.RU [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] France may reduce the amount of military support to Ukraine. If Marine Le Pen's National Rally wins the parliamentary elections, assistance to Kyiv will...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-14 00:34:20 (#335299)

t.me/Lunay14/17852 ↩ Лыня🇷🇺 [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Destruction of MTLB of the Ukrainian Armed Forces with ammunition by an FPV drone strike Video: https://t.me/phoenixdrone/436

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 23:34:29 (#335298)

t.me/PmcWagnerZ/14638 ↩ Europe union killed over 15.000 children [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] The terrorist ben gvir with his schizophrenia confirms against , ''israel'' must be erased from the face of...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 23:34:29 (#335297)

t.me/PmcWagnerZ/14640 ↩ Europe union killed over 15.000 children [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Yesterday ,The Russian Aerospace Forces launched an attack with a high-precision Kh-38MLE missile against the base of the...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 23:34:29 (#335296)

t.me/PmcWagnerZ/14639 ↩ Europe union killed over 15.000 children [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Ukraine you still alive? 32 missiles on the way.

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 23:04:39 (#335295)

t.me/ghost_of_novorossia/23900 ↩ ПриZрак Новороссии [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] #digitalization_of_communications #tanktalkers A batch of equipment is being transferred to the tank battalion of the 164th separate motorized rifle brigade, namely: ✅ Product "Sotnik" from...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 23:01:37 (#335294)

t.me/bditelnost/38884 ↩ Бдительность - Z [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] ❗🇷🇺🇺🇦 After 01.10 Moscow time, enemy UAV activity was recorded in the sky over the Rostov region. The greatest danger is...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 22:45:58 (#335293)

t.me/bditelnost/38883 ↩ Бдительность - Z

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 22:45:57 (#335292)

t.me/bditelnost/38882 ↩ Бдительность - Z [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] ❗🇷🇺🇺🇦 A missile danger was declared throughout the Kursk region at 01.12 Moscow time. The air defense system worked against air targets. #Russia...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 22:34:30 (#335291)

t.me/boris_rozhin/126810 ↩ Colonelcassad [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Detonation of ammunition at a stronghold of Ukrainian Armed Forces militants As a result of the successful fire impact of the mortar battery of...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 22:29:55 (#335290)

t.me/bditelnost/38880 ↩ Бдительность - Z

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 22:19:19 (#335289)

t.me/izvestia/175103 ↩ IZ.RU [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] The demand for SUP boards among Russians has increased sharply. More than 1,300 SAPs have been ordered on one of the marketplaces since...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 22:19:04 (#335288)

t.me/DDGeopolitics/113283 ↩ DD Geopolitics

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 22:19:04 (#335287)

t.me/DDGeopolitics/113280 ↩ DD Geopolitics [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] ❗Footage of an Israeli missile strike on southern Lebanon, massive fires The three-story building was destroyed, and there are reports on six victims,...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 22:19:04 (#335286)

t.me/DDGeopolitics/113282 ↩ DD Geopolitics

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 22:19:04 (#335285)

t.me/DDGeopolitics/113281 ↩ DD Geopolitics

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 22:04:51 (#335284)

t.me/RVvoenkor/70297 ↩ Операция Z: Военкоры Русской Весны [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] ‼️🔥🇷🇺 The Ministry of Emergency Situations showed footage of a fire in the former building of the Sukhoi Design...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 22:04:23 (#335283)

t.me/wagner_group_pmc/58020 ↩ WAGNER Z GROUP/Z PMC WAGNER'Z [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] 🎼🎻Quiet night readers t.k WAGNER Z GROUP♠️ 🎼🎻 Quiet night country! For your peaceful sleep. 🤙🏻 💀 @wagner_group_pmc ♠️ tranquillo paese notturno! per...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 22:03:59 (#335282)

t.me/DDGeopolitics/113279 ↩ DD Geopolitics [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] 🇷🇺 An unused building caught fire on the territory of the former Sukhoi Design Bureau in northern Moscow. The fire covered an...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:58:39 (#335281)

t.me/bditelnost/38874 ↩ Бдительность - Z [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] ❗🇷🇺🇺🇦 An explosion occurred on the outskirts of the city of Shebekino in the Belgorod region. “The causes of the incident...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:49:41 (#335280)

t.me/ghost_of_novorossia/23896 ↩ ПриZрак Новороссии [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] UAV platoon of the assault company of the 33rd regiment of the 20th Guards. divisions Hello! Started working with your "vigor" antenna Shows itself very...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:49:41 (#335279)

t.me/ghost_of_novorossia/23898 ↩ ПриZрак Новороссии

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:49:41 (#335278)

t.me/ghost_of_novorossia/23899 ↩ ПриZрак Новороссии

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:49:41 (#335277)

t.me/ghost_of_novorossia/23897 ↩ ПриZрак Новороссии [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Signal amplifiers for the "Vigor" remote control at 2.4 5.2/5.8 GHz, fully equipped, were transferred to UAV reconnaissance units of the following...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:49:41 (#335276)

t.me/ghost_of_novorossia/23895 ↩ ПриZрак Новороссии

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:49:41 (#335275)

t.me/ghost_of_novorossia/23894 ↩ ПриZрак Новороссии [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] The reconnaissance battalion of the 30th brigade received devices upon request everything is fine, we fly great on your amplifiers, we can...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:49:29 (#335274)

t.me/projectArchangel/4561 ↩ Проект «Архангел». Создание БПЛА. [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] They found each other in the number field🤭 Probably fpv dispatchers will appear in the future.... 🫣

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:49:21 (#335273)

t.me/izvestia/175102 ↩ IZ.RU [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Disco on schedule: how BRICS Games participants spend their free time in the Universiade Village. The organizers prepared dances and other activities for athletes...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:49:03 (#335272)

t.me/rian_ru/249286 ↩ РИА Новости [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] The roof of a non-operating building in the north of Moscow collapsed during a fire; the fire area is 800 square meters,...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:48:59 (#335271)

t.me/DDGeopolitics/113278 ↩ DD Geopolitics [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] 🇺🇦 Fireworks before strikes is a good way to piss off some people. Kiev. 🔴 @DDGeopolitics

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:34:38 (#335270)

t.me/ghost_of_novorossia/23891 ↩ ПриZрак Новороссии

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:34:38 (#335269)

t.me/ghost_of_novorossia/23890 ↩ ПриZрак Новороссии [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Vigor device feedback: 39th separate guards motorized rifle brigade 3rd MSB UAV platoon Thank you for the amplifiers provided, the distance has increased,...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:34:38 (#335268)

t.me/ghost_of_novorossia/23892 ↩ ПриZрак Новороссии

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:34:38 (#335267)

t.me/ghost_of_novorossia/23893 ↩ ПриZрак Новороссии

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:20:36 (#335266)

t.me/madam_secretar/38033 ↩ Мадам Секретарь [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Good night. @madam_secretar

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:20:17 (#335265)

t.me/stepnoy_veter/9687 ↩ Степной ветер [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] After the strike by the FPV drone, the enemy's MTLB, which was transporting ammunition, shattered into pieces. #from_the_battlefield 🇷🇺 Sofa General Staff

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:19:51 (#335264)

t.me/RVvoenkor/70295 ↩ Операция Z: Военкоры Русской Весны

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:19:51 (#335263)

t.me/RVvoenkor/70293 ↩ Операция Z: Военкоры Русской Весны [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] ‼️🇷🇺“White Wolves” of the “🅾️valiant” seize positions and show trophies taken in the battles of Novopokrovsky near Avdeevka ▪️Ural warriors...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:19:51 (#335262)

t.me/RVvoenkor/70294 ↩ Операция Z: Военкоры Русской Весны

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:19:02 (#335261)

t.me/rusbrief/239713 ↩ BRIEF [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Video from the site of a powerful explosion in Shebekino.

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:18:59 (#335260)

t.me/DDGeopolitics/113275 ↩ DD Geopolitics [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] ⚡🔥🔥 Al-Quds Brigades OBLITERATE Israeli military bulldozer in Tulkarm As always, no casualties announced by the Zionists, but the Tulkarm Brigade show how...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:06:24 (#335259)

t.me/ostorozhno_novosti/26843 ↩ Осторожно, новости [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] In Makhachkala, a construction crane collapsed due to strong winds. The collapse occurred at a construction site where a new residential complex is...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:04:19 (#335258)

t.me/wagner_group_pmc/58019 ↩ WAGNER Z GROUP/Z PMC WAGNER'Z [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] 🎼🎻Paris Myth and reality.. ♠️ @wagner_group_pmc 💀

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:04:06 (#335257)

t.me/DDGeopolitics/113270 ↩ DD Geopolitics [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] During battle around Netaylovo, group of Russian soldiers captured four Ukranian soldiers. They did not want to surrender immediately so they had to...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 21:04:00 (#335256)

t.me/rian_ru/249281 ↩ РИА Новости [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] A strong wind in Makhachkala, where bad weather had broken out earlier, knocked down a construction crane, but there were no casualties,...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 20:50:43 (#335255)

t.me/milinfolive/123999 ↩ Военный Осведомитель [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Precise arrival of an X-38ML missile on a Ukrainian car at the crossing of the Seversky Donets near the village of Stary...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 20:50:17 (#335254)

t.me/stepnoy_veter/9686 ↩ Степной ветер [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] #exactly on target 💥 Shooting down of a UAV of the Ukrainian Armed Forces by our fighter in the Central Federal District video: @pristanichche_inform @stepnoy_veter

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 20:49:42 (#335253)

t.me/WarDonbass/142882 ↩ WarDonbass [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] The reconnaissance company of the 291st regiment destroys a disguised ammunition depot of the Ukrainian Armed Forces in the Zaporozhye direction ZA_FROHT

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 20:49:17 (#335252)

t.me/izvestia/175099 ↩ IZ.RU [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] In the Russian Guard, on the eve of the 100th anniversary of the division named after F.E. Dzerzhinsky, a ceremonial cancellation of postage...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 20:49:14 (#335251)

t.me/rgrunews/106803 ↩ Российская Газета | Новости [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Tropical storm hits Florida, USA The state governor declared a state of emergency. Flights were delayed at Miami International Airport...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 20:49:06 (#335250)

t.me/DDGeopolitics/113269 ↩ DD Geopolitics [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Epic footage of the battle of an attack squad of the 2nd Taman division Left alone with the enemy, Russian fighter alone continues...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 20:49:01 (#335249)

t.me/c/1595839251/4476 ↩ Военная хроника [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Military chronicle, June 13. We've collected the main videos of the day. 😡Subscribe to “Military Chronicle” ⠀ 💙 “Military chronicle” on VK

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 20:36:20 (#335248)

t.me/surf_noise1/39904 ↩ РОКОТ [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Address by Russian President Vladimir Putin regarding the G7. KVN. year 2000 When he was still the one.

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 20:35:36 (#335247)

t.me/madam_secretar/38030 ↩ Мадам Секретарь [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] We don't eat at night. @madam_secretar

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 20:34:50 (#335246)

t.me/RVvoenkor/70290 ↩ Операция Z: Военкоры Русской Весны [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] ‼️🇷🇺🎖Through fire and death: powerful footage of the heroic battle of an attack aircraft of the 2nd Taman division...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 20:34:26 (#335245)

t.me/boris_rozhin/126803 ↩ Colonelcassad

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 20:34:26 (#335244)

t.me/boris_rozhin/126805 ↩ Colonelcassad [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] The Berezhok complex (yes, yes, the same one with the BMP-2) successfully destroys unmanned boats with the help of its missiles. This was...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 20:34:14 (#335243)

t.me/rgrunews/106802 ↩ Российская Газета | Новости [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Joe Biden is "lost" in space again This time it happened at the G7 summit. The head of the White...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 20:34:09 (#335242)

t.me/Soldieroffortune777/45516 ↩ СОЛДАТ УДАЧИ [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Evening of a hundred rubles! With this amount it is easy to share - especially for good deeds, and very serious amounts are...

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 20:21:20 (#335241)

t.me/surf_noise1/39902 ↩ РОКОТ [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Biden is a pimp Ukraine - a girl who entered the high society of politics What could possibly go wrong?

@telehunt_video on 2024-06-13 20:19:26 (#335240)

t.me/boris_rozhin/126800 ↩ Colonelcassad [TRANSLATED MESSAGE] Israeli army units launch Molotov cocktails from an air cannon across Lebanon. @voiceofisrael